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Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic (LACGC) empowers children, adolescents and young adults to get on track to success – to reach goals in school, build healthy relationships, and enjoy emotional well-being. Their team of compassionate professionals offers behavioral counseling and support to individuals and families.

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Low-income Los Angeles residents and those whose earnings have fallen during the coronavirus pandemic will be able to apply for prepaid debit cards beginning Tuesday. The program will provide debit cards with $700, $1,100 or $1,500 to residents with incomes below the federal poverty line prior to the Safer at Home orders or if they’ve fallen into “deeper hardship” from reduced work hours or income being cut by at least 50%. People who are beneficiaries of federal and state assistance can still qualify, as long as income requirements are met.

Cards will be available to people regardless of citizenship. People who apply and don’t receive a card will be kept on a waiting list.

 If the site is down, You can also try calling instead: 213-252-3040.  

The deadline is this Thursday at 4:30pm so time is of the essence.

Use this site to find resources available in Los Angeles county that can help support your family. There are community based organizations in the county that can help with food, housing and other resources. There is also information on how to connect you with education and child care for your family, as well as family-friendly activities.

Starting Smarter for the CAASPP

Starting Smarter for the ELPAC

 These family-focused websites provide resources to facilitate parents’/guardians’ understanding of the scores presented on their child’s Student Score Reports. Using these websites, families can become involved in their child’s educational progress and:

  • Learn more about the performance areas in each subject and grade.
  • See sample test questions.
  • Prepare for parent-teacher conferences with a useful downloadable guide.
  • Access high-quality resources to support learning at home.

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